Experience Our Hiring Process


We take a great care of every detail in your hire application to present you with the prefect screened and verified candidates that is a great fit for your needs.


Arrange the interview to accommodate your busy schedule. We will send you 1 to 2 profiles to start later you can select which candidate you want to interview, if you want to interview more than 2 is fine. The interview process is by video call later if you like the candidate you can do a second interview in person at your house but if you prefer to only interview in person it's fine.


Once you have selected the perfect candidate, we will provide you with job references.

 Domestic Staff Hiring Steps


 Review Your Application

Reviewing your applications and knowing all your needs and priorities is the first step in the hiring process in order to find the perfect candidate match for your family.


Search for Candidates

We will start to select the candidates that are the perfect fit for you by doing a through research from our database of experienced and qualified candidates who are fully screened.  Domestic quality services will make the selection easy for you by presenting the right candidates .


 Overview & Interview

We will provide you with a full profile with all the information you need to review before the interview such as the candidate education, experience,  and personality as well as their background and social security check.  Then we will schedule an interview with the candidates through Zoom, phone, or face to face depending on the client preference and needs..



Once you have selected the proper candidate, we will do more extensive search and screening to give you the peace of mind in knowing your family and home will be with a trustworthy candidate.